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Facebook’s next move; Where the platform stands due to the allegations


Facebook being the top social media platform for so many years has been a target now for data privacy issues. 2018 has been a year not good for Facebook as this social media platform has been under the focus by the authorities. Due to these controversies regarding the data privacy many people have backed out from this social media platform. The report on the number of active users showed that it is the first time in this social media platform’s history the number of active users belonging to the Europe region have been decreased which surely can be due to the data privacy issues.

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has been challenges from the lawmaker authorities, investors and the users as well. Due to the data privacy issues, users have been highly affected by the suspicious activities of this social media platform. These type of allegations have been made back in 2014 but now in 2018 it happened again which create a serious concern among the top leaders being involved with the company.

In terms of hold of this social media platform due to these allegations it is well known that Facebook is still very strong with its numerous best technologies out there in the world like Instagram, a picture sharing social media platform has done its best in this year with being number one social media platform for the brand and business marketers. WhatsApp which also belongs to Facebook is also doing good, with new features like the Stories feature for the marketers and advertisers as well are being rolled out in the next year which will great for many brand advertisers. Facebook is also highly invested into the VR and AR technology which they have been incorporating with their devices and services successfully. Facebook itself is doing a good job in terms of building up the e-commerce system based on the Facebook platform. With the support of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, this social media platform is going strong into the e-commerce world.

Facebook has always been under different controversies from the day this social media platform up till now Facebook has been under target for different allegations, every time this social media platform has made its way through more stronger from ever. Due to uprising of diverse investments and technologies, Facebook is doing a good job in maintaining its hold but still it does not mean that this privacy issue is nota concern for the CEO and top investors. It is still not known that what will be the next move from Facebook or the lawmaker authorities in terms of allegations, it can be like other times from which Facebook ignored the allegations and moved on. The users and the authorities also moved on from the multiple cases that were based on this social media platform. We cant say anything about the next move by the CEO but we are sure that Facebook still has hold over itself, it is still doing good in the market even with these allegations.


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