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Download Framaroot: Is Framaroot the best rooting device for Android device users? There is a lot of speculation with Framaroot, and among all the other rooting apps and tools, framaroot is a stand out the app so let’s find out what is the deal with Framaroot in this article.

Nowadays there are plenty of tools for rooting your android which provides us multiple rooting features and options. Rooting is a very common thing with the hardcore Android user. Apart from all the rooting tools for android, I find Framaroot to work the best for so today I will talk about framaroot and how you can download and install it on your android device. Framaroot is a very easy to use the app if you know the basic of rooting android device (which I’m assuming all the readers are).

Download Framaroot

What is root?

Rooting an Android device let the user have more advanced features which an unrooted device does not offer. The system of the Android operating system is more accessible, and you can tweak certain thing to customise the way you want your Android phone to customise or behave.

Framaroot free download for Android, iOS, and PC

Download FramarootSince every Android system has a different type of structure with a various user interface added by the manufacturer, the protocol of rooting is different. That is why Framaroot has its disadvantages like it does not support every Android device out, especially the newer one. But still, it covers up a wide range of smartphones since there are tons of smartphones out there from companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Sony, and Motorola etc. We can only hope for the upcoming updates with the compatibility of newer Android devices.

I have checked the XDA forums about framaroot, and there is a full list of compatible device. You can check whether your Android supports Framaroot.

Framaroot is mostly compatible with Qualcomm user. An android device which uses the Qualcomm processor is most likely to be compatible with framaroot.

Download Framaroot APK latest

Latest FramarootThis one-click rooting application is, however, the most reliable rooting app for now. Most of the rooting android apps need an access to your PC to complete the rooting the process. With Framaroot you don’t need any PC to root your android device. Just a working android phone. Framaroot apk download for android.

There are tons of rooting tools out there, and you can always try that app if Framaroot does not work for you. You can use other tools such as Universal Androot, Baidu Root, and Towelroot.

Framaroot is not available on Google plays store that means you have to find out the alternate way to get Framaroot. The alternate way is to download the apk file of Framaroot form third party websites. Well, follow our guide to download and install Framaroot apk for android.

The app is free to download, and there is no in-app purchase which is pretty obvious. So you are just one click away from rooting your android using Framaroot.

How to download Framaroot for Android

Before you proceed to any further, there are few apps that I would like you to install before-hand. As you are going to root your android device, you need some apps and tools to check and analyse your android device. So download any Root checker app from the Google Play store. There are plenty of root checker app on google play store which you can download for free.

I would recommend you to download

The Application is available on Google Download for free. The app is compatible with Android Ice-cream sandwich and above.

Root Checker Basic

Root Checker Basic is an app to checker whether the root process has an issue or is it completely safe to root the device any particular tool. By checking and verifying the Su Binary (Su binary is the most common binary found in an Android device). Root Checker Basic allows determining the proper access to rooting since there are lots of different devices out there with a different system.

You will also need a file manager to navigate the apk instantly without any issue. I would recommend you to install Ex File explorer which a lot of you might already use.

You are going to download Framaroot apk file from third-party websites, so you need to enable the unknown source from the settings.

Steps to Enable unknown source

1. Using your Android device go to settings.

2. Now go to Security.

3. There will be an “unknown Sources: simply tap on it to enable your device to access to unknown sources.

So here are the steps to download and install Framaroot on your Android device

1. Using your Android device, Download go to this link.

2. The Framarootapk file will automatically start downloading on your android device. Wait for a few seconds to download the app completely.

3. You will get a notification about successfully download, simply tap on it and the install screen opens up.

4. Now tap on the “install” button, and the app will start to install on your android device.

5. After the installation, the app will be available on your home screen.


How to root Android device using Framaroot

Now that you have downloaded framaroot. You need to know how to root your android device without any issue or error successfully. While performing this task, make sure that your battery percentage is above 80 percent just for precaution.

1. Open Framaroot app on the android device that you want to root.

2. The app will show an option to select an action after the execution of root. So make sure that you select “SuperSu”.

3. After selecting “supersu”, you need to select another option from “Select an exploit in the list above to potentially root your device”. So select Boromir on that one.

4. Now there will be an “exploit result” popping up on your screen. If the operation is successful, then it will show you a success message written on it.

5. Following the message, it will ask you to reboot your android device which you need to do manually.

6. So simple close everything and reboot your device. The reboot will take more than it usually takes to reboot your android device so keep that in mind. The rooting is in the process meanwhile. All your apps will be updated and configured to work with the root device during the reboot.

7. Now there will be a new app added to your app drawer called Supersu which allows you to manage all the root functions. Open up Root checker app and tap on “verify” button.

8. Now it will show a Superuser requesting the root checker app to check your rooted device. Tap on “grant”.

9. Now root access is properly installed on your android device.


Framaroot for PC

Framaroot is an app to root your android device, and it does not need the help of PC or any other device. However, you can also download framaroot app and install it on your Windows PC using android emulators.

Download a reliable emulator to run framaroot on your PC. Bluestack is a great android emulator, and it provides lots of free android apps which you can directly use on your PC using Bluestack Emulator.

Download Bluestack Emulator from here –

1. Download the apk file of framaroot from the link that I have given above or simply transfer the apk file to your PC if you have a Framaroot app on your android device.

2. Now open the apk file, and the Bluestack emulator will open.

3. Simply install the apk file.

4. It will take time to install framework in bluestack, so you have to wait until the app installs successfully.

5. The app will be available in the app drawer of your bluestack.

Although it is practically not possible to root a smartphone if you have installed Framaroot or any other rooting app on your PC. But it’s good to know that you can also install the app on your PC.

Framaroot for iOS

Framaroot is only compatible with Android devices. If you are looking for Jailbreak your device then there are lots of jailbreak tools for iOS which you can easily get. There are apps like Pangu and myHacks which will get the job done for you. The concept of rooting and jailbreaking is same, and both give you to the ability to customise the core of the devices.

Rooting a device is a risky task. It removes or makes your device warranty invalid. So before going all in on rooting your device, make sure to know a little bit about rooting in general and also check whether your device can be rooted with a particular tool before rooting your device.

Wrapping it up:

Download Framaroot: If you had been struggling to root your smartphone, then I must say that framaroot is the best application to do so. So I hope that you find this article helpful and if you have already rooted your android device with the help of this article then be sure to comment down below.

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