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How Google Analytics may be helpful for tracking Awareness, Engagement, and Completion Goals


If you want to evaluate the performance of the website and you are in search of the goals through which you can evaluate the performance and key achievements through the journey of your customers, Google Analytics can assist you in this matter. Through Google analytics, you can measure the performance in terms of the customer awareness, engagement, and completion goals. This article will help you to track your performance through Google Analytics.

Define the particular goals in terms of your customer journey

Before working on the GoogleAnalytics, you need to make the goals for which you want to make the measures and track the performance. In the online marketing, the obvious goal of the marketing efforts is the end result. Or you can say the number of sales and subscription of the customers is the goal of any marketer. But it is not an easy process. The customers do not directly go to the shopping cart or visit your sign up page and male their accounts. They take a long journey before making any purchase or subscribing to your account. These steps or the journey of your customers is based on the milestones or you can call them the goals through which you can get the final result. For reaching the final point, you will need to accomplish these milestones and goals which will lead you to get the end result.

Through these goals, you can also track the performance along your customer journey. You may get the track through which you can evaluate the performance of your marketing efforts.

For this purpose the primary goal in the customer journey is supposed to be the brand awareness. Awareness goal is the first step your customer will have to take and you should focus on promoting your brand.

After the awareness, there comes the engagement goal. When you are posting things about your brand and products, you will definitely need the engagement of the audience toward your posts. When the customers are well aware of your brand and your posts are exciting for them, they will definitely be committed and get engaged with your posts. This will further make them buy your products. Which means this will ultimately lead you to have the completion goal. Completion means when the buyer actually buys you product and make a purchase. This is the end result of the customer journey.

How to measure these goals in Google Analytics

Now when you are well aware of your goals, it is the time to measure your performance by keeping the track of these goals through Google analytics. This is the best tool to measure your performance through these three goals awareness, engagements, and completion.Through Google Analytics you can measure the performance by customer visitsURLs and by creating the destination goals. You must set up correctly the traffic source. This will generate you a report for your performance and helps you in understanding which strategy is better for you and which strategy is not working for you.


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