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How to gain Followers on Instagram? 5 Tips that actually work


People want to become Instagram famous by getting a number of followers. If you are looking for to gain more Instagram followers, you need to plan out the right strategies to build the audience on your Instagram profile. You can extend your network on Instagram organically by using these tips. If you want to grow your following count on an immediate basis then follow these hacks. It will help you how to gain followers on Instagram.

How to gain followers on Instagram:

  • Have a theme
  • Don’t be dull
  • Hashtag your photos
  • Post daily
  • Follow celebrities

Have a theme:

A good way to build your audience is to use a theme for your Instagram profile. Think of what is the core interest of your audience and focus on that. Food, fashion, beauty, travel, and humor are popular topics on Instagram. Use the same color tone for all your posts and stick to dark or light tones.

Don’t be dull:

People have no interest in your daily Starbucks order, don’t post it every morning. Keep your profile fresh with funny and interesting images. Post what your audience wants to see on your profile. When people will see interesting and unique content on your profile, they will like your posts, leave comments and hit the follow button. When your post gets more likes, your posts will appear at the top of the result page. Encourage your followers to share your posts that will improve the visibility of your posts.

Hashtag your photos

People search their favorite things onInstagram with the help of hashtags. People search the things that they are interested in and they will end up to visit other’s profile and follow you when they see your posts offer them something they love.

Post daily:

One of the best ways to catch the attention of your potential followers is to post daily. People love to see the latest things, so make sure to update your profile on daily basis. When you post more often, there are more chances that your post secured the top place in the search page. It means that more people can see your posts that in result give your more followers. It is also a good way to increase the post-engagement-means post will get daily likes and comments. Consider to post at least three posts per day but don’t post more than three times a day.

Follow celebrities:

It is a great approach when it comes to getting followers fast. When you follow a celebrity, you will get some other suggestions that came up in a series, follow them too. For example, if you follow Kylie Jenner, you will get account suggestions like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Miley Cyrus etc. You can get real and active followers by following celebrities.

Once you get a number of followers, keep them engage with your unique and interesting post ideas, Instagram stories and live videos. Encourage them to share their opinion in the comment section and share your posts with their followers. Buy instagram followers for instant results and get viral overnight and be a celebrities.


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