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How to treat multiple hairs in one follicle


The multiple hairs in one follicle are very rare yet normal condition. It can occur in all ages even in children. But it is nothing to worry about when you have this hair problem. There is no specific cause of this hair condition but the following causes are most common.

The two hairs one follicle is the condition when you have more than two follicles merge the scalp or armpits and come out from the same opening. However, they have also inner root covering and they have the same external root sheath. The composite papilla will create the several partly merged hair covering. In this post, we will discuss the symptoms and solution of this hair problem that will help you to get rid of this rare condition.

Multiple Hairs In One Follicle: Symptoms

The growth of multiple hairs in one pore is the primary symptoms of this hair condition. In extreme cases, thirty-six hair strands have been seen out of one pore. Consequently, people have inflammation of the hair follicle due to Pili Multi gemini. In other symptoms, Pustules bumps on the scalp and skin have been observed in most of the people. Folliculitis can cause the acne that may leave the scars on the skin.

The dermatologists can diagnose this condition by examining scalp and hair. Moreover, the other symptoms are fatigue, stress, depression, anxious mood, and pain.

Multiple Hairs in One Follicle: Solutions

You can’t get away from this hair condition because the main reason behind the problem is genetics. However, this hair problem has no permanent solution despite advanced medical research and technology. The following are some solutions or treatments that can help you to treat this issue in a better way.

Plucking Hairs:

This problem can help you to get rid of this problem instantly. It is considered a most common solution to get away from multiple hairs in one follicle. When you pluck the hair from the follicle then it can cause the reduction of hair strand’s growth by destroying the follicle base.


Shaving is more common and temporary solution to get away from this hair condition. Most of the people believed that this problem is due to frequent shaving but it is not true. Shaving just removes the upper layer of the hair. But it doesn’t destroy the deeper growth of the hair like hair plucking. If you want to get rid of this hair problem for short duration of time then shaving is a great solution for you.

Laser Treatment:

If you want some permanent solution then go for laser treatment. The laser treatment requires almost five to ten sessions for permanent hair removal. But it is a very painful treatment and most of the people don’t adopt this method.


This is a permanent method but it is very expensive as it is done by chemicals and heat energy.  The hair follicle will sleep under the electrolysis.


Most of the people adopt this method to get rid of this problem as it is not painful like laser treatment. Under this treatment, the affected area is being frozen to remove the multiple hairs in one follicle.


We hope this article will help you to know more about the multiple hairs in one follicle. Leave a comment and let us know about your suggestions.

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