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Instagram: Capture unique emotions and experiences


It is more than clear that Instagram is the network of the moment, not only because it has 500 million active users every month (not to mention the amount of content they upload), but because it means a great opportunity to make your brand known, what you do, why and how you do it, coming out of the traditional graphic sales speech such as flyers and images that contain too much text.

This network is currently used by 48.8% of brands, and 68% of users constantly interact with them. But beware! That does not ensure that all brands succeed or know how to use this social network correctly and fall into repeating the same speeches they publish on other platforms. What is the point of doing the same thing always?

Instagram just emerged to portray moments and occasions instantaneously, offering different filters to retouch or give a specific tone to the image before uploading it. Okay, many will tell you to design images for this network and to use multiple free programs, but what about the photo itself? Doesn’t a photo seem more real to you without adding content? Undoubtedly, this type of pure content allows us to move away from that objective of sale, sale and more sales, so taking advantage of this tool is essential to differentiate our brands from others.

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” yes, it is a very trite phrase that we could even translate into “a video is worth a thousand words.” But the power of photography is still there, present as a tool to communicate and, above all, inspire others. How would you reflect your brand in images?

Before continuing, it is important to clarify that in this note we will ignore the images of Instagram Stories, which we already develop in another note. On the other hand, to demonstrate how a photography-based strategy is executed for the Instagram, we will take the case of the main publishers in Latin America and Spain.

Building your brand from photography

To use a strategy on Instagram you can choose to only have a smartphone camera or, in the best case, have a professional camera from which you will then export the photographs.

First of all it is important that you know that the images you will publish will generate a macro image, and with that we mean the feed, which will be modified continuously while you update your content. This will be your cover letter for those who come to discover your profile. This feed must communicate, at a glance, the essence of your brand through the colors of your photographs, the filters you use and what elements or people you put in the center of attention.

In this example of Alianza Editoria l, we see how the pastel colors, orange and black and white of the brand logo predominate

In general, the photographs of the events organized or attended by the brand are the most common. You can go further, as these publishers do well, that in addition to publishing images of their events, they always make known their products and their recommendations.




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