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The tale of Ibn Battuta Travels


Ibn e battuta has been a renowned person of his time. He was an impeccable traveler and has traveled the holy place at a very early age. He was merely 19 years of age when he started his journey. The main reason to travel was to go to the sacred places of Mecca and Medina. In total, he covered about 75000 miles, which is equal to the modern 44 states in the present world. During the end of the journey, the sultan of Morocco has requested Ibn e Battuta to write the tale of his whole journey. All these tales are fascinating and have been read by many individuals in the contemporary world as well

The beginning of Ibn Battuta Travels:

He left from Tangier which was his birth place during the month of Rajab. At this time Ibn Battuta was 22 years of age. The reason behind this start of the whole journey was the pilgrimage to the holy place of Mecca. He wrote that he started the journey alone and without any companion. It was the desire to visit the holy place which incited the passion to travel. For this, he isolated himself from all of his friends and the home as well. He, therefore, started the journey with the firm resolution.

While reaching the city of Tlemcen, two ambassadors of the sultan of the state joined him. He accepted their offer thinking as the will of God. He stayed there in the city for three days. He has narrated that during the journey one of the companions fell ill due to the heat of the summers. He could not survive for long and eventually was died. He left the journey with them at this point and later join the group of merchants who belonged to Tunis.

The story after reaching the destination:

Ibn Battuta found the citizens of Mecca and Medina as very humble and pious. They have welcomed him. He observed that the citizens were very welcoming. The Meccans most particularly were very clean people. Meccans have a good taste ford ressing and their attire has always been clean and as white as snow. The women of Mecca he has stated were the beautiful women he has ever seBy and large the people of Mecca were very hospital and were always eager to do goodness with the foreigners. 

Rihla-My Travels:

This is the translation of the story of Ibn Battuta. It is basically the collection of the whole journey. It has been written in a fascinating way and many places of the Middle ages has been covered in the story in the very beautiful way. During the whole journey, he has followed many companions from different states and background, which has further made the whole journey interesting. It also encompasses very worthful record of different places during the whole traveling route. Ibn Battuta with this tremendous tale of his entire journey has been very famous. Readers read his story with interest and immense hotness.


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