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TweetDeck App Update From Twitter in January 2019


TweetDeck App Update

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. This year Twitter has announced a couple of upgrades and changing to its TweetDeck App which has become important to discuss.

All you need to know about the upgrade

This act will definitely aid social media managers. Last week, Twitter announced that TweeDeck, which is Twitter’s own app which schedules and tracks, will now also help in the scheduling of tweets with videos and multiple photos. Twitter also tweeted about it saying that Tweet scheduling has now been upgraded and that now it is possible for us to schedule tweets  along with videos or even multiple photos”.

I know you would be thinking that this can already be done with the aid of a couple of popular social management platforms which include Hootsuite.

But the factor that distinguishes social management platforms like Hootsuite and TweetDeck is that now the upgraded TweetDeck will have a complete variety of functionalities and numerous options that are specially customized keeping in mind the platform itself.

TweetDeck provides numerous benefits for its users and continues in being the most used social management app. Also marketers who buy twitter followers use this tool. Many comprehensive management tools are offered by TweetDeck and trust me, they are worth the investigation. TweetDeck also provides the tiniest information you will be interested in. For example, you get to know which device was used when the tweet was posted.

2.Another opinion on TweetDeck upgrade

Some people really admired the TweetDeck upgrade but the others could not help but critisize it. They think that Twitter must have not been inactive on this action since so many years. They have the opinion that TweetDeck upgrading should have been done when the app came into Twitter’s possession in the year 2011. On the other hand, Twitter claims to be working on this since a couple of years now. It can be agreed upon that the changes made could have been even better, Twitter can do a lot better than this, but still you have to look up to it because it is worth heading over to.

Twitter has also put forward the news about removing the support for embedded tweet grids on the 8th of February,2019. Twitter had introduced the tweet grids that were embeddable, a few years back in the year 2015. This act enabled Twitter users to post creative looking image grids on their website.

They announced it saying, that they are officially announcing the closing of the support for the grid style embedded compilation. They also expressed their will to focus more on the widget types, which are the greatly adopted ones like the Tweets and timelines. They aslo said they were willing to continue their support towards the embedded grids for a time span of 30 days.

It is clearly understood that the change made would not have that much of a huge impact on the users, but if you have already been a user of the embedded Twitter grid, you should know that it would not be viewable in that form till much time.



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